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For most German car buyers, leasing is not an option. If you buy a new car or a used one that you don’t pay out of your savings, use a car loan to finance your car. An editorial over at

Here, leasing is an interesting option to afford a car because leasing also offers the option of regularly buying a new vehicle model. But leasing, which otherwise offers little advantages to private customers, is still hardly attractive to private consumers who, if at all, would rather opt for final installment financing. Germans strive for possession. If they finance, they have their own car at the end of the contract, which is getting old, but it is theirs. If they leased, they would have paid during the term of the contract, but in the end they would have nothing. Thinking is a bit wrong because not everyone who lives in an apartment has to own it. Many Germans still live for rent, and if the apartment is too small or too big for them, they move. Nothing else happens with car leasing.

What is leasing?

What is leasing?

With car leasing, the customer is the vehicle owner and also registered in the vehicle registration document, but not the owner of the car. The car is rented for a certain time, usually 12, 24 or 36 months. A leasing installment is paid and the vehicle is normally returned to the dealer or leasing company at the end of the contract. Here it becomes very clear that leasing can be very interesting for drivers who would like to drive a new car every two or three years. If you lease your car, you don’t have to worry about selling your old car if you want to drive a new car. When the lease term ends, a new vehicle is selected and a new lease is signed.

Why a car loan is more attractive than a leasing contract

Why a car loan is more attractive than a leasing contract

The advantage described is obvious and the question arises as to why not many more customers make use of the opportunity to lease their car.

This is because leasing has many pitfalls that scare off many consumers. Although leasing rates are generally lower than the rates for a car loan with the same contract term, this also means the residual value of the vehicle at the end of the leasing. The final installment financing comes very close to leasing. When it comes to financing the final installment, there is also the final installment at the end of the contract, which also roughly corresponds to the vehicle value at that time. With final installment financing, the vehicle owner pays an interest rate that he knows and that he can, if he wants, purchase the vehicle. The leasing companies keep secret how a leasing rate is calculated.

The normal consumer cannot understand the calculation. The leasing vehicle has its price, the dealer and also the manufacturer grant the customer a discount. The lessee makes a special leasing payment (comparable to the down payment for a car loan) and at the end of the day there is an installment that is also related to the residual value of the vehicle. To calculate how much money you pay more, the consumer can multiply the installments, then add the leasing special payment, the residual value and the discount. In total, a significantly higher amount will come out than the actual vehicle price.

Ultimately, it is always the case that leasing is more expensive than a car loan and not transparent enough for the individual. At the end of the contract term, the leasing customer has nothing. At the end of the term of a car loan, the customer has a used car that he can call his property.

Car loan for the self-employed Fri, 20 Sep 2019 02:42:10 +0000 Borrowing money for the self-employed, if you are self-employed you may know how difficult that can be. Stock financing, financing of new tools, it is all quite difficult. How different is this with a car loan for the self-employed.
The car loan is easy to close. Where you have to supply piles of figures with every other form of borrowing money, we can guarantee that a car loan can be arranged quickly and easily. Annual figures? Not required in most cases.

Why so simple?

Why so simple?

It is hard to imagine that the banks are suddenly as flexible when it comes to financing. Fortunately the message is correct. The difference between a car loan for the self-employed and a ‘normal’ loan lies in the fact that there is clear collateral for this form of borrowing money. And because you always take out the loan with a personal loan, which also reduces the outstanding balance. Is there certainty that the value of the car and the amount of the loan will remain reasonably in proportion during the term of the loan.

Who is the owner of the car

Who is the owner of the car

With a car loan for the self-employed, you can opt for a financial lease or an operational lease. With a financial lease and the operational lease you are the economic owner. The most popular form is the financial lease. You then take out financing for the car, arrange the insurance yourself and also pay the road tax and any maintenance yourself. If you have repaid the loan in full, you are also the legal owner of the car.

Loan for the self-employed without hassle

Loan for the self-employed without hassle

If you take out a loan for a car you will find that borrowing real money is no hassle. Demonstrating your account statement and a valid driver’s license can be enough to make financing for your car or company bus possible. We cannot make it any easier for you!
Do you want to know what we can do for you? Contact us immediately and we will let you know immediately.

Car financing without BKR assessment (private lease). Tue, 10 Sep 2019 22:58:58 +0000 A car is one of the products that these days you can hardly do without.  Especially when you have to travel every day for work, the car is the means to get from A to B. At the same time, a car is a big expense. Not everyone has the financial means to buy a nice, new car. And saving takes a long time. You usually need such an important consumer item quickly, you can’t wait for years to come.

A used car is of course always an option. However, if you want to be able to advance your car for a considerable amount of time, a new car is the best option. Incidentally, it is also nice to be able to take to the streets in a nice copy, because that only does good for your position as a serious career maker.

Borrowing money for cars is not an option for everyone

Borrowing money for cars is not an option for everyone

Now the problem starts for many people and maybe also for you. How do you quickly finance that new car ? Or how can you borrow money as quickly as possible without BKR testing? You can of course borrow money for your car. Unfortunately, that is not something that goes without saying for everyone. What if you already have a loan? For your new computer, for example, or for your house? Then get the bank to grant you a loan.

As soon as you are registered with the BKR, you also immediately have a sort of stain on you. A bkr registration does not necessarily mean that you do not meet your payment obligations. Although you pay so neatly according to all agreements, you are registered as a borrower and that can easily throw a spanner in the works when it comes to a new car. An installment car will also become more difficult in this case. The relevant authority will wonder whether you can meet all your payment obligations, even if that is still unjustified.

Car financing without BKR assessment

Car financing without BKR assessment

So what now? No new car then? No. Fortunately there are other options. You can also finance a car without a BKR registration. As long as you have no negative registration, there is no problem. However, not every loan provider also offers car loans. Another disadvantage of such a loan is that you must first arrange that loan before you can drive your car. And time is money, so why don’t you arrange everything a little faster?

Private lease is quick and easy

Private lease is a very good and quick option. You drive a new model with which all costs are covered by a fixed monthly amount. Because you only use the car for a certain number of years, it will remain in the name of the manager. This makes bkr registration no problem at all. The advantage of this is that you can hit the road immediately after the agreement. You also do not have to arrange additional insurance policies. It is therefore the easiest option.

Car hire purchase without bkr also possible

Car hire purchase without bkr also possible

A possible disadvantage to a private lease without BKR testing may be that that beautiful car is not in your possession and that it will not come. What you will not get away from with a lease is checking your creditworthiness. Even if you are registered as a bkr, you can lease as long as you can prove that there are no problems with your finances. But what if your credit in the bank is not that great? There are also solutions for this. An installment car without BKR is also possible. You just have to find the right shape. In this case, look for dealers who make car hire possible.

How does lease purchase work?

Instead of money, you can also use your old car or other valuables with them. By pledging these you can obtain physical money. If you have an old car, you can also choose to exchange it for a value to be determined. With that you also create a form of credit.

First you choose the car that you want to use. If you know how expensive that car is, you can start making a simple calculation. You reduce the costs that you spend on rent per month with the money that you have received by pledging something. Or with the amount that your old car is still worth. You pay off your new car immediately partly with this money or with that trade-in value. The higher the value of your old stuff, the greater is the percentage that you immediately pay off. Suppose you want a new car worth € 50,000. For example, your old car is still worth € 5,000 and you have been able to pledge some other household goods worth 10,000 euros. Then you are already a long way. You then pay the remaining € 35,000 through a fixed monthly amount. In this way you do not need any assets at the bank. After all, assets are also assets.

Find the right dealer

Because this is a car loan without a BKR, there is usually a certain interest involved. It is therefore advisable to first do good comparative research. The dealer with the best conditions naturally wins. Be careful not to do business with unclear dealers. In that case it will probably cost you more money than necessary.

Why a hire-purchase car?

Why a hire-purchase car?

Simply because you do not have to give up a large part of the savings for the investment in your car. How easy is it to use your old car when buying a new one? You also have easy access to the best models. After all, you are not dependent on a certain loan amount at the bank. Ensure a good payment by pledging or exchanging and you are already a long way. If you then simply pay the monthly payments, you can immediately drive around in that beautiful car. No waiting and saving, just use right away.

What are other benefits?

Other benefits of car financing without bkr registration is that you have no hassle with banks. As you know, banks are not exactly the most friendly and open institutions on earth. As soon as you come to see them in a black daylight, you can expect one reminder after the other. In that case, it is often difficult to find a solution with one of the bank employees and the letters pile up. Unfortunately, many have already gained that experience. That only gives stress. In addition, you do not have to deal with interest in the case of a private lease.

What should you look for at the dealer?

What should you look for at the dealer?

As mentioned earlier, it is important to do good preliminary research. One dealer offers better conditions than the other. You always opt for the lowest interest rate, if applicable. With some dealers, it is also necessary, for example, to hand over a payslip. If you have a job that is of course no problem. However, if you are without a job for a while, then you are pretty good at that dealer. So don’t be too quick in your judgment. A responsible choice can save a lot of money.

Watch out for snakes under the grass

Also, don’t be fooled by very competitive conditions. For example, an interest rate of 0% is really too good to be true. Often the 0% interest only applies for one year. Those parties then demand that you pay off the entire amount after the first year. And after paying off one year, you are probably not yet ready to pay a large sum.

Leasing a car without bkr review?

As mentioned above, it is possible to lease a car without bkr review. There are a number of providers for leasing a car with a negative BKR.

Fast and Urgent Money Loans Wed, 28 Aug 2019 11:12:45 +0000 Today you have a lot of economic options to get fast credit with Arnef. However , not every offer the same guarantees or even advantages. In the case of Private Credit score, you can enjoy the following advantages.

Guaranteed security

credit security

When you first go to a private equity firm or a lender, there are some customers who have certain doubts regarding security. Unfortunately, scams in this particular field have made customers doubt any alternative to banks. Nevertheless , private equity companies that function legally do not have to worry about a person. The way to make sure you’re dealing with a real company and not a bad deal is to check some information:

  • How the company is regulated by Ministry of Health and Customer Affairs.
  • That every contractual agreements be agreed upon before a notary. Keep in mind that the notary’s job would be to read the document and explain any questions you may have regarding the contract.
  • That you simply use a secure web page. Check the internet that next to the website you include in the major search engines appears the famous eco-friendly lock. This means that the web is safe and your data cannot be taken.
  • Don’t request a cash advance. Loan companies never work by asking customers for money in advance to offer all of them an agreement. As a general rule, this type of motion is associated with scams. Or even in any case to the payments of the intermediary that you will have to pay should you not contact directly with a personal capital company. In Luckyone Credit, we will never request you for money in advance. You simply have to worry about paying the decided fees on time.

Unlimited amounts of money

Unlike other types of financial loans with Arnef in Luckyone Credit, we do not place limits on your financial requirements. We can lend you to resolve your economic problems: from the minimum of € 6, 500 to a maximum that quantities to 25% of the their market value of the property used because collateral.

Which is, the higher the value of your property, the greater money we can lend a person. Regardless of whether you are in Arnef or that for another cause your economic situation is fairly irregular.

Poor documents

One of the main advantages of private equity finance companies and private loan companies is the little paperwork necessary to grant a loan. Unlike what goes on with the loans offered by banking institutions. This peculiarity, in addition , is usually linked to the greatest number of needs to offer fast money.

In the case of Private Credit score you can send all the documents through the internet. Without also leaving home to gather the documents. We just need:

  • A photocopy of the ID and current account by which we must make the deposit.
  • Another photocopy, yet this time of home insurance policy and deeds
  • The Simple Note of the Property or home Registry, which you can request with the internet. In less than 24 hours you may have this document in your e-mail.
  • A photocopy of the last receipt from the IBI duly paid.

Designed for all types of clients

credit for students

If you are in Arnef or do not have a stable payroll you will not be able to obtain credit score through your traditional bank. Regrettably, these are two of the specifications that they request to give money. However , with Luckyone Credit you will not have to encounter this problem. Since whenever you possess a property that serves as a home loan guarantee we can offer you the cash you need.

No matter whether you’re in Arnef. Absolutely nothing happens if your CIRBE is just not the most stable. Nor minus a regular payroll. We can give you money immediately.

Delayed repayment terms

Delayed repayment terms

To get adequate monthly payments for the pocket, it is necessary that the pay back terms be somewhat prolonged. This usually shines simply by its absence in quick credits. The normal thing is they do not offer more than 3 years maximum to repay the mortgage. This peculiarity, together with the reduce requirements to offer a loan, occasionally causes interest to increase.

From Luckyone Credit we take really seriously creating the perfect monetary product for each of our customers. That is why you can have a long pay back period that goes through the year to 10. Additionally , if you prefer to enjoy more comfortable years to pay your own loan, you also have the possibility of asking for a period of lack. Tend not to hesitate to contact us to tell you about this aspect.

No need to change banks or even related products

credit loan

Definitely one of the main advantages of obtaining immediate money with Arnef by means of private capital is that we are going to avoid the related products. As well as be forced to change banks. Private equity finance companies and private loan companies are only responsible for offering profit exchange for interest. Within no case do they will intend to obtain customer commitment through certain somewhat troublesome activities?

Some thing very common in banks would be to force customers to accept specific links to offer money. The most typical are usually the following:

  • Change bank plus domicile with them the payroll. As a general rule, if you want to borrow cash you will have to open an account in the bank that offers it for you and direct your payroll. In this way, they ensure that you will certainly continue with them after paying back your loan.
  • Address some receipts. Such as that of supplies or our own telecommunications bill. It is one more movement to increase your romantic relationship with them.
  • Employ products you don’t need to improve the mortgage. They usually force you to remove different types of insurance (home, lifetime, fire) even if you don’t require them. Normally, in exchange with this contract, you get more beneficial interest on your loan. Nevertheless , most of the time it is not worth it. Given that we will be spending more money on the product that we do not need which also does not include all of the coverages that it should have for your price.
  • Employ a credit card. And not only that will, but you’ll also be forced to utilize it every month if you don’t want to be punished and charged for the repair off your account.
Review & registration with the banker Wed, 31 Jul 2019 02:58:55 +0000 The registration of payday loans

The registration of payday loans

The Banker maintains a central register of all Loan obligations in the Netherlands. This includes, for example, the registration of payday loans, revolving Loans, Loan cards and mobile phone subscriptions. This information is recorded in a file, the Central Loan Information System (CLI). The Banker information from CLI helps participants to consider whether it is justified to provide a Loan or mobile subscription.

Requires to request information from a borrower

Requires to request information from a borrower

Responsible for you and for themselves. In this way, Banker helps prevent you from borrowing more than you can pay off. On the other hand, Banker contributes to limiting financial risks for lenders. Lenders, such as banks, are required to request information from a borrower at the Banker. If the loan has been granted, the lender will report this to the Banker. He must also report any payment arrears to the Banker. This data is only removed from the central register if the lender gives the Banker instructions for this. Terminated loans remain visible in the Banker database for another five years. You have the right to view your own data, the ‘right of access’. You can request your data from any bank in the Netherlands, even if you are not a customer here. If you want to view your data, you will have to identify yourself personally, so it is not possible to view other people. Requesting your data from a bank works as follows:

  • Every bank in the Netherlands has the consumer brochure ‘What does Banker do for me?’ An application form is attached to this brochure with which you can request your details. You complete this application form.
  • You hand over the completed form to the bank employee and identify yourself with a valid proof of identity.
  • You pay the employee € 4.50. These are the costs for making an inspection.
  • The bank sends the completed application form to Banker. Normally you will receive the requested overview within five working days at the specified home address.
Simulation Buy Back Credit Official at Best Rate Wed, 24 Jul 2019 09:44:22 +0000 Considered among consumers with a solvent borrower profile, the civil servant, a true employee of the public service, ensures a stable and lasting income for the good payment of a debt or a debt of a lender.

Thus banks and financial institutions grant him confidence advantages for granting loans of money, whether it is real estate credit or consumer credit.

The credit of civil servants

The credit of civil servants

We must remain vigilant when it comes to borrowing money, because the abuse of consumer credit leads the financial situation of an individual to over-indebtedness. The ratio of debt considered reasonable, that is to say the bar not to exceed to avoid problems related to budget management is thirty-three percent (33%).

Above and depending on other financial ratios to check, it is advisable to make a simulation repurchase credit official. Indeed, the probabilities of a beginning of debt can very quickly become excessive and lead the household until the over-indebtedness, directly registered with the file of the incidents of payments of individuals of the Bank of France (BDF), that it is for unpaid of credits or check, but also for use of abusive blue card.

Simulation repurchase of official credit

How to build a custom credit restructuring file?

Our expertise in finding financial solutions for individuals in credit consolidation operations allows us to negotiate the best offer of Macbethment for our clients.

The numerous partnerships established with credit redemption banks and the expertise of our specialized advisers buy back credit, offers employees of the public administration to obtain a simulation of redemption of official credits at the best market conditions.

Discover that they are the solutions that best fit your financial situation to meet your expectations and your needs in a few clicks! Your answer within 48 hours!

The best loans with Financial Credit Institutions of the month of November Tue, 16 Jul 2019 09:40:40 +0000 The best loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The best loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Being enrolled in Financial Credit Institutions or RAI complicates, and very much, applying for a loan. If you are enrolled in any of these delinquent files, you must be aware of several aspects:

    • That in most cases it will be micro loans. That is, those whose amount does not usually exceed € 600 and whose return has to be made within approximately 45 days. Interest of this type these products are usually much higher than long-term loans. Hence, it must be a type of economic solution to use in very specific cases.
    • Resort to private equity loans. For example, those granted by Private Credit. In this case a property is used as collateral. With Private Credit you can obtain from a minimum of € 6,000 to a maximum equivalent to 20% of the value of the property.

Ranking of micro loans and loans with Financial Credit Institutions for the month of November

Among the entities that offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions for the month of November, the following can be highlighted:


Eicredit offers micro loans from € 50 to a maximum of € 1000 (€ 600 for former clients) to be repaid within 30 days. To apply it is necessary to be of legal age, resident in Spain and have a checking account within the country.

All paperwork and application are processed through the internet. It is only necessary to fill out the form and in just 15 minutes Eicredit will respond by confirming or denying the loan.

As for the interests they vary depending on the type of loan. To know them you have to fill in the application form. As a positive aspect, it should be noted that the first loan is interest free.


Credither is another of the financial entities that operate through the internet and offer micro loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

As with Solcrédtio, the minimum amount is € 50 and the maximum is € 750. Almost 96% of credit applications are accepted. Today Credither has borrowed more than 331 million euros.

Applying for a loan with Credither is really easy. Like Eicredit, it is done through the internet by filling out a form and in less than 10 minutes you will receive the amount in your checking account once your case is approved.

At this time Credither only offers micro loans but is working to include other services such as personal loans or car pawn.

Quick Credit Cash

In this case Cash offers up to € 5,000 and between 6 and 36 months for the return. The APR of this loan, as with fast loans, is very high. Between 60% and 197%. This will vary depending on the requested capital and the repayment term.

Fast Credit Cash is 100% online and personalized. It is not necessary to change the bank to qualify for it and the returns are made monthly.

It has no opening commission and includes an early amortization commission of 0.50%, if there is less than one year to expire, and 1% if more than one year remains.

New car loan the cheapest. Mon, 01 Jul 2019 23:01:58 +0000 Are you looking for the cheapest new car loan?

Are you looking for the cheapest new car loan?

Buying a new car obviously represents a cost, which is not the least. So there is the question of financing. You have three distinct options: digging into your savings and paying cash for your new acquisition, hiring a dealer and opting for financing with 0% credit, or finding the cheapest new car loan from a financial institution. Each of these options may be interesting, but also has advantages and disadvantages. explains here the ins and outs of the different financing options for your new vehicle .

How does 0% credit work?

How does 0% credit work?

Only few of us can afford to pay cash for a new car, and many are reluctant to take a loan, which is a debt. It is therefore increasingly common for dealers to offer car loans at lower interest rates than those offered by banks, sometimes a 0% car loan. This seems a priori more interesting to buy a car, but is it really? In addition, is it possible to make an interest-free car purchase in Belgium?

At first glance, a “0% credit” at a dealership seems the cheapest option as you will only have to pay back the principal, without any additional interest charges. Unfortunately, free loans do not exist . In the majority of cases, this is a personal loan where you will be required to repay the principal within a maximum period of 5 years (depending on the dealer). If you are unable to repay this loan before the agreed due date, the remaining balance interest will be higher. You will not be able to borrow for free beyond 5 years.

Should I choose a 0% credit or the cheapest new car loan offered by banks?

Should I choose a 0% credit or the cheapest new car loan offered by banks?

The 0% credit also contains two hidden “costs” that most people do not know. First, the dealer will not give you a discount on the purchase price of the vehicle, while you can negotiate a discount if you do not borrow at the dealership. In addition, if you want the dealer to take over your old car to partially finance the new one, make sure its value is not underestimated. In addition, the 0% credit only works in connection with the purchase of a new vehicle. So, if this is an opportunity that has hit you in the eye, it will take into consideration a used car loan.

On the other hand, in the context of a traditional car loan, financial institutions must be transparent with regard to the costs incumbent on the beneficiary. Thus, the latter is informed of the applicable interest rate (which is also calculated on a fixed basis and is not subject to variations), as well as application fees. The addition of these two costs forms what is known as the APEG (Global Annual Effective Rate). Taking advantage of seasonal offers, for example, here at the Auto Show, it is possible to find the cheapest new car loan all year round. For example, in early 2018, Beobank offered a record interest rate of less than 1% for new vehicles, a 0.65% APR!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two options?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two options?

Thanks to its attractive rates, the classic car loan is the most used way to finance his car. You will repay monthly payments that include interest. Since the car serves as collateral in case of default, the rates of these loans are low, see close to 0% credit. Nevertheless, you can negotiate the payment at the dealerships to buy a car. In the majority of cases, this concerns an installment loan where you will be obliged to repay the principal monthly, within a maximum period of 60 months.

Classic car loan


  • In the majority of cases, you will be able to borrow more than 100% of the purchase price
  • You can borrow for a longer period (up to 120 months)

The inconvenients

  • Most advantageous method of financing (sometimes up to 0%)

Loan at the dealership


  • Higher interest rate
  • Penalty in case of early repayment

The inconvenients

  • “Hidden” costs
  • You will only be able to borrow on a shorter term (up to 60 months)
  • You will not be able to borrow more than 100% of the purchase price
  • You will have to pay penalties in case of early repayment

As mentioned in the table above, the two methods to buy a car have advantages and disadvantages. In order to obtain one of these two loans, your name can not appear on the blacklist of the Central Credit for Individuals. In addition, you will receive a penalty for early repayment under both types of loans.

As part of a classic auto loan from a bank, you can borrow more than 100% of the purchase price to cover insurance and other costs. This is not possible at a dealership. The main trap when applying for a loan from an authorized reseller however remains the “hidden” costs.

What are the differences between 0% credit and a traditional loan?

What are the differences between 0% credit and a traditional loan?

Under a 0% credit, you only refund the amount corresponding to the purchase price of the vehicle. On the other hand, if you are unable to repay the amount within the time required by the dealers (usually 5 years max.), You will not be eligible for this type of loan. The term of a 0% credit is shorter and could cost you a discount on the purchase price or an undervaluation for the recovery of your old car. This is not the case of the car loan offered by the banks, which allows you a certain flexibility vis-à-vis monthly payments and repayment deadlines, and therefore a certain margin of negotiation.

In fact, a 0% auto financing, which you have to pay back within 48 months, can cost you up to € 3,200 more than a conventional car loan – you can usually only borrow at 0% out of 5 maximum years. You will find 3 different situations, from the least advantageous to the most advantageous for the classic car loan and the 0% auto loan. We assume that the popular Volkswagen Golf Sport, whose total price is € 25,000 (including VAT), is financed by a loan.

Concrete example :

In a realistic scenario, buying a new car with a 0% auto loan will cost you 25,250 € if you are able to negotiate a 5% discount on the purchase price and that your old car is undervalued by 12, 5%. While the same car will cost you around 22,586 € with a classic car loan. The 0% credit will cost you € 2,900 more. Even if you do not have an old car, the 0% financing will cost you € 1,400 more. If you are unable to get a discount on the purchase price and your old car is undervalued by 20%, you will pay € 3,200 more with a 0% loan.

In addition, if you are unable to repay the monthly payments before the agreed due date, finding the cheapest new car loan would be a better option. Beyond this period, the monthly payments for a 0% credit will be higher because of the very high interest rates. On top of that, you probably will not be able to enjoy a discount on the purchase price and a correct estimate of your old car .

How to find the cheapest new car loan?

How to find the cheapest new car loan?

If you have decided to opt for this option, finding the cheapest car loan is the next step. To do this, nothing simpler :

  • Check out our comparative chart of car loans;
  • Select for the age of the vehicle the option “new”;
  • Choose the purchase amount and the repayment term to access the offers;
  • You can also choose the type of consumption of the vehicle (eco or classic) or a particular bank to refine your search.
Individual Loans Huesca Sat, 29 Jun 2019 09:56:35 +0000 First of all, the private credits in Huesca that are offered and managed from particular credit offer an interesting way to expand the scope of traditional financing of financial institutions and do so in a double way:

Private loans in Huesca through banks

Private loans in Huesca through banks

On the one hand, private loans in Huesca articulated through banks through financial intermediation of CREDIT FINANCE are achieved with more interesting conditions and with a higher acceptance rate than if they are pursued alone. And on the other hand, these private credits in Huesca, intermediated by particular credit, are much more optimized because they do not focus on a single financial entity, but particular credit achieves the best possible option between contacts and agreements with different financial entities that it maintains.

Then, secondly, to say that private loans in Huesca complement those offered by traditional banking entities because in reality the financial intermediation services offered by particular credit are merely a service of all that the company offers. One more, not the only one, and not even sometimes the main one. In fact, one of the company’s main services is to offer and promote direct financing through fast money from venture capital .

Availability of financing

Availability of financing

The above, the availability of financing from venture capital allows us to offer a range of products that are very interesting for the end customer and that does not compete with the banking entities, but rather complements the offer by promoting greater dynamism of the sector and most importantly: a greater variety of options available to the person who wishes to obtain urgent liquidity through existing personal loans.

Advantages of private loans in Huesca

Advantages of private loans in Huesca

The advantages of private loans in Huesca from venture capital are numerous and should be detailed, but before doing so it is important to make an important assessment: by not competing with each other, being two types of financing essentially similar but in practice very different all they are necessary, and as a particular credit, a company that operates in both segments allows us to offer the customer the product they need at all times, in the face of every need.

Entering the issue now in the advantages of venture capital as a method of financing through personal loans say the following:

Personal loans through venture capital allow access to financing for a wider number of personal profiles . Thus, where traditional bank financing does not reach, cannot, wants or wishes to reach, personal loans from venture capital are an ideal solution to cover the needs that these personal profiles require.

Financing from venture capital

But financing from venture capital is not only a financing option for those cases in which traditional bank financing is disregarded and does not cover such needs, but it has its own profile, its own advantages and assumptions in which the It is the main and recurring option to obtain financing.

Good examples of the above are the need for urgent liquidity coverage, for fast money that many people have. So while in some cases (not all of them, since for these the financing by venture capital can also be optimal) traditional bank financing may be more focused on financing through personal loans for medium or long-term financing, Venture capital offers an unbeatable solution in urgent short-term financing.

And if fast money is needed, if urgent financing is required to cover any need to be met, there is no better option, nor faster option than that offered by venture capital .

Of course, when you have this urgent need for urgent financing, it is extremely important to go to specialists such as particular credit because it is the quality guarantee of obtaining the best financing, in the most optimal and interesting conditions possible.

From particular credit, personalized attention and assistance will be obtained at all times and, above all, speed and effectiveness will be obtained in obtaining the necessary personal financing.

Apply for private loans in Huesca

Apply for private loans in Huesca

Some points before taking into account before applying for private loans in Huesca venture capital through particular credit are the conditions of the loan to be received and the conditions to access it. Very interesting points to deal with are the repayment terms, the interest rates that apply and the access requirements that are established.

But if you have doubts, do not worry, because always, at all times and in a completely understandable, accessible and transparent way for you, all the professionals of particular credit will be at your disposal to assist you, give you an answer and provide you with all the information, data and details I need.

If you need financing, do not hesitate and contact particular credit, you will see how in the venture capital of the company you find the solution you need in the best conditions for you.