Considered among consumers with a solvent borrower profile, the civil servant, a true employee of the public service, ensures a stable and lasting income for the good payment of a debt or a debt of a lender.

Thus banks and financial institutions grant him confidence advantages for granting loans of money, whether it is real estate credit or consumer credit.

The credit of civil servants

The credit of civil servants

We must remain vigilant when it comes to borrowing money, because the abuse of consumer credit leads the financial situation of an individual to over-indebtedness. The ratio of debt considered reasonable, that is to say the bar not to exceed to avoid problems related to budget management is thirty-three percent (33%).

Above and depending on other financial ratios to check, it is advisable to make a simulation repurchase credit official. Indeed, the probabilities of a beginning of debt can very quickly become excessive and lead the household until the over-indebtedness, directly registered with the file of the incidents of payments of individuals of the Bank of France (BDF), that it is for unpaid of credits or check, but also for use of abusive blue card.

Simulation repurchase of official credit

Simulation repurchase of official credit

How to build a custom credit restructuring file?

Our expertise in finding financial solutions for individuals in credit consolidation operations allows us to negotiate the best offer of Macbethment for our clients.

The numerous partnerships established with credit redemption banks and the expertise of our specialized advisers buy back credit, offers employees of the public administration to obtain a simulation of redemption of official credits at the best market conditions.

Discover that they are the solutions that best fit your financial situation to meet your expectations and your needs in a few clicks! Your answer within 48 hours!

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