The best loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The best loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Being enrolled in Financial Credit Institutions or RAI complicates, and very much, applying for a loan. If you are enrolled in any of these delinquent files, you must be aware of several aspects:

    • That in most cases it will be micro loans. That is, those whose amount does not usually exceed € 600 and whose return has to be made within approximately 45 days. Interest of this type these products are usually much higher than long-term loans. Hence, it must be a type of economic solution to use in very specific cases.
    • Resort to private equity loans. For example, those granted by Private Credit. In this case a property is used as collateral. With Private Credit you can obtain from a minimum of € 6,000 to a maximum equivalent to 20% of the value of the property.

Ranking of micro loans and loans with Financial Credit Institutions for the month of November

Ranking of micro loans and loans with Financial Credit Institutions for the month of November

Among the entities that offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions for the month of November, the following can be highlighted:


Eicredit offers micro loans from € 50 to a maximum of € 1000 (€ 600 for former clients) to be repaid within 30 days. To apply it is necessary to be of legal age, resident in Spain and have a checking account within the country.

All paperwork and application are processed through the internet. It is only necessary to fill out the form and in just 15 minutes Eicredit will respond by confirming or denying the loan.

As for the interests they vary depending on the type of loan. To know them you have to fill in the application form. As a positive aspect, it should be noted that the first loan is interest free.


Credither is another of the financial entities that operate through the internet and offer micro loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

As with Solcrédtio, the minimum amount is € 50 and the maximum is € 750. Almost 96% of credit applications are accepted. Today Credither has borrowed more than 331 million euros.

Applying for a loan with Credither is really easy. Like Eicredit, it is done through the internet by filling out a form and in less than 10 minutes you will receive the amount in your checking account once your case is approved.

At this time Credither only offers micro loans but is working to include other services such as personal loans or car pawn.

Quick Credit Cash

In this case Cash offers up to € 5,000 and between 6 and 36 months for the return. The APR of this loan, as with fast loans, is very high. Between 60% and 197%. This will vary depending on the requested capital and the repayment term.

Fast Credit Cash is 100% online and personalized. It is not necessary to change the bank to qualify for it and the returns are made monthly.

It has no opening commission and includes an early amortization commission of 0.50%, if there is less than one year to expire, and 1% if more than one year remains.

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