In a quarantined world, online content, increasing media consumption

Countries in which the coronavirus pandemic manifested in the second phase, including Italy, saw an 11% increase in average mobile use

In India, audio streaming platforms saw a 42% increase in total user time

Facebook has seen a sharp increase in its use in countries hardest hit by the virus, with a total messaging increase of more than 50% in the past month

During this period of self-isolation and quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, are more people watching content online and using OTT channels? It’s an official YES!

Quarantines and lockdowns have dramatically changed the lives of almost every country and almost every human being in the past two months. Schools, malls, restaurants, stores, gyms, bars have closed, important exhibitions have been postponed, flights have been canceled around the world, the government has ordered people to get out. quarantine.

With the collapse of the stock markets, companies are taking losses all over the world, but some companies are also making gains due to the captive audience. Right now, with many people confined to their homes, there is a massive boom in media consumption across the world.

The situation has caused people to turn to OTT video streaming and there has been a surge in internet usage around the world, which coincides with a surge seen in coronavirus-related searches on Google.

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